4th COMEEAS Project Workshop : "Communities, Mobilities and Environment around the East Asian Seas (1560-1740)"

Publié le 9 juillet 2024 Mis à jour le 15 juillet 2024
du 27 août 2024 au 29 août 2024 Ateneo de Manila University
4th COMEEAS Project Workshop : "Communities, Mobilities and Environment around the East Asian Seas (1560-1740)"
Du mardi 27 au jeudi 29 août 2024 à Ateneo de Manila University, Faber Hall room 302

Co-organizers: Paola Calanca (EFEO), Mark Dizon (Ateneo de Manila University), Luca Gabbiani (EFEO), Guillaume Gaudin (Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès)
Sponsors: Ateneo de Manila University, Casa de Velázquez, École Française d’Extrême Orient, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Labex SMS, Framespa (UMR 5136)
Contacts: mdizon[@]ateneo.edu ; ggaudin[@]univ-tlse2.fr

DAY 1 - August, 27th, 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm :
Paola Calanca (EFEO), The Chinese of the Philippines in the Ming and Early Qing Sources
Miguel Rodriguez Lourenço (Universidade Nova de Lisboa/CHAM), Local Populations and the Making of an Inquisitorial Order in Southeast and East Asia (16th17th centuries)
Ariel Lopez (University of the Philippines Diliman), TreatyMaking in Mindanao and Sulu, c. 1700-1750

2:00 - 5:00 pm :
Luca Gabbiani (EFEO), Legal Perspectives on Macao’s Real Estate Market Drawn from Chinese Local Archives
Marya Svetlana T. Camacho (University of Asia and the Pacific), Matrimonial Cases and Casus Conscientiae as Windows on Human Movement in the Seventeenth-Century Philippines

DAY 2 – August, 28th, 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm :
Grace Liza Y. Concepcion (University of the Philippines Diliman), Intersecting Colonial Subjects: Natives, Sangleys, and Malabar in a Seventeenthcentury Philippine Pueblo
Guillaume Gaudin (Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès/FRAMESPA), A Community in the Making: the “Sangleyes” from their Petitions (Seventeenthcentury)

2:00 - 5:00 pm :
Mark Dizon (Ateneo de Manila University), Ephemeral Objects and Pacts in Early Modern Philippines
Paulina Machuca (El Colegio de Michoacán /EHESS), A social History of Plants: from Mesoamerica to the Philippines via the Manila Galleon (16th18th centuries)

DAY 3 – August, 29th, 2024,
Archives and Libraries visits (University of Santo Tomas)