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Conference on the History of Business and Finance

du 5 avril 2012 au 6 avril 2012

The main purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from a wide range of institutions and backgrounds for an exchange of ideas regarding



ongoing work in economic history, with a focus on business and financial history. The work to be presented spans a wide period from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century, and covers topics that include corporate governance, financial markets and financial innovation, public policy and public finance. The presentations will include both work-in-progress and completed papers. The event is sponsored by the newly created Institute for Advanced Studies in Toulouse (, whose goal is to provide a forum for researchers from all over the world, trained in the different social sciences, to facilitate cross fertilization of ideas and foster interdisciplinary research that addresses the challenges facing the world today.
Lieu(x) :
Manufacture des Tabacs
1 rue des Amidonniers Building S – Auditorium MS001 31000 Toulouse



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